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My Bag 17 Nov 2013

My Grip Equipment Bag

 doss grip red

Grip Equipment Tour Bag

Grip EQ is a company owned by my good friend, Justin Atwater-Taylor. The bag is very efficient and fits amazingly well. One of the best features of this bag is its waterproof rain fly which is conveniently hidden inside the bag and can be easily put on in the event of a unexpected rain storm.  This Special Edition "Nate Doss" Signature bag is one of only 40 that were made for a limited release.

Please visit for more information.



doss challenger blue 2013

Pro D Challenger

This Pro D Challenger is strictly my main putter. I prefer my putters in this plastic is harder than normal D Challengers. I like the D plastic because it has a better feel in my hand in all weather conditions, especially during the hot summer months.I have been using this putter for nearly 3 years, and the bead underneath is wearing down which makes it less stable and ideal for my putting style.

doss ndchallenger blue 2013

"Nate Doss" Pro D Challenger


This specific Pro D Challenger is my backup putter, but has many different uses on the course.  It is very similar to my main putter but it is newer and slightly more stable. Aside from being my backup putter during practice, I also use this disc for upshots as well as jump putts. I like more stablity in my putters for jump putts so I can use my anhyzer putting style and the disc can use its full flight. 

doss ndchallenger black 2013

"Nate Doss" Pro D Challenger

I use this putter strictly for slow controlled upshots ranging from 100-250ft. This disc is the newest of all the "Nate Doss" Pro D Challengers and will eventually make its way down the line to be one of my putters. 

doss challenger blue 2 2013

Pro D Challenger

This Pro D Challenger is a new addition to my bag and is simply a backup disc. I use this one for upshots as well, because this one is more understable. 


doss z buzzz red

Z Buzzz

It was years after the Buzzz was release until I actually threw one, because I had relied and trusted my Hawk for my straight midrange disc. Because the Hawk is out of production, I decided to make the switch to the Buzzz so I could easily find replacements when I needed it. This Z-Buzzz has been in the bag for over 4 years now and has done great work over that time.  Over about the last six months, it has become more of a turn-over Buzzz and has been getting less throws because of it.  The Ti Buzzz (below) has replaced amost all of the Buzzz throws in my bag, for now. 

doss ti buzzz blue

Titanium Buzzz

This Titanium Buzzz was actually one of the first sent to me straight from the factory in March 2012. Since then, this Buzz has become one of the most throw discs in my bag. Brand new, this Buzz was overstable and I use it for controlled midrange shots that need to end left. It is beginning to fly a little straighter for me as I continue to break it in and has become the go-to mid-range in my bag. 

doss z wasp green

Z Wasp

In addition to my Drone, I use the Z-Wasp for stable mid-range shots up to 300-350 feet. I would throw the Wasp over the Drone if I wanted a bit more distance. I like the durability of the Z plastic because it holds up to continued years of use, and that is crucial to its predictability of being stable in the wind.

doss d drone 1

D Drone

A similar disc to the Wasp in Z plastic, the Drone gives me the stability and reliability I am looking for. I would throw the Drone when I need a stable disc or it is windy for shots 250-300 feet.

doss z hawk

Z Hawk

This Z Hawk is one of the oldest discs in my bag and I never leave home without it.  Its a straight and slightly under-stable disc because it has been so beat in over the years. I can throw it with hyzer and it flips over with ease, whereas my other mid range discs I have to throw with anhyzer to flip them. It gives me the ability to have great accuracy and touch in tough lie situations on the course.

Fairway Drivers

doss z pred yellow 2

Z Predator

Brand new the Z Predator is an overstable fairway driver., so I like to have several in my bag at all levels of stability. This Z Predator is the least stable because it is the most beat up one that I carry. The Z plastic is slow to beat in, so I can gradually work in these discs for years to get them to where I can use them for all shots. I use this one for straight drives that need a slight hook up at the end. The nice thing is I can crank on this disc and trust that it will be stable enough to handle it (and fly out).

doss z pred yellow 1

Z Predator

This Z Predator is the most stable disc in my line of drivers because I continually replace it with a brand new one. I use it on all big power hyzer shots so it is necessary that it is consistently stable so I can be confident everytime I throw it.

doss se pred 1

"Nate Doss" Z Predator

This special edition Z-Predator was released in January 2013, and is the newest addition to my bag. I mostly use this disc in practice rounds but have used here and there in tournament rounds in windy conditions. The goal is to work this disc into my game with time, so I can become more confident with it. These discs are a Nate Doss Shop web exclusive and only available here for purchase!

doss z xl


This Z XL is the oldest disc in my bag. The XL, which is a relatively unknown disc these days, is a very reliable disc for me on turn over shots and rollers. It is just another one of those discs that I've had in my bag for years and I am confident when I use it.

Distance Drivers

doss z force 2

Z Force

This specific Z Force has been used in my bag for years now and was my main driver in the 2011 World Championships. With the right combination of speed, glide, and stabilty, I have really come to fall in love with the Z Force. When released with a little anhyzer, it will hold the line and finish slightly to the left. Like my Challengers and Predators, I carry several Forces worked in at different levels of stability.

doss z force green 1

Z Force

I use this Z Force exclusively for a sidearm throw. Over the years, I have been trying to work on my sidarm game and that includes having some go-to discs for that specific purpose. I started throwing this disc backhand, but it seemed to be more overstable then other Z Forces I have thrown. This characteristic has made it the perfect sidearm disc, because I feel that I can be confident that it will finish hard to the right (the main reason I throw a sidearm).

doss z force green 3

Z Force

This Z-Force is the newest Force added to my bag this season. Over the winter break I worked with a bunch of new discs and this was one to make the bag. This specific Force is slighlt domey which seems to give it more glide. Different than my other Forces, this one flips up just a bit but has enough stabilty to hyzer back in the end. I have been happy with including this to my collection of Forces in my bag.

doss ti nuke 1

Titanium Nuke

This Ti Nuke was one of the first Titanium discs I put in my bag. This disc has a flat top, making it much more stable than a normal Nuke. This disc is very fast and with the added stability it makes this disc is very versitile. When I first started throwing it, it was very overstable but the more I throw it the more I have been able to gain more distance with it. Over the last year, it has become a very important part of my bag for distance shots. 

doss ti nuke red 2013

Titanium Nuke

This Ti-Nuke is new for the 2013 season. It is much more domey than my other Ti Nuke. This would be considered more like a traditional Nuke that you would see on the market. The dome gives this disc much more glide and allows me to take advantages ot its full flight. I, for the most part, use this Nuke in long field shots when I have some space to allow it to flip up and carry up to about 450ft.

doss ti force 2013

Titanium Force

This Ti-Force is a beast of its own. Being one of the early Ti-Forces produced, it is extremely overstable. This is a great disc for windy conditions and power hyzer shots. I have been working to beat in this disc, to include it more often in my distance game. One of the great things about Ti plastic is it's durability, and because of that I will have this disc in my bag for many years to come.

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